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Race Program


 Opti Team 2018

 2018 Opti Race Team


The BYC Race Program currently supports training in the Optimist (Opti) dinghy for youth up to age 15, the Club 420 (C420) dinghy for ages 12 and above, and the Laser dinghy for ages 13 and above. Participants will still be able to work towards their CANSail levels.

The Optimist is the international standard for competitive youth sailing and the largest one-design sailboat fleet in the world. Class rules allow participation in competition until age 15; however, many Opti sailors “size out” before then.

The Club 420 is a double handed (two person) dinghy with a fleet of over 5000 boats in North America, and is sailed extensively in local, high school and collegiate programs. Rigged with a trapeze, and spinnaker, the C420 offers a unique sailing experience that encourages teamwork, and sets it apart from a single handed boat.

The Laser is an Olympic class sailboat and one of the most popular sailboat classes in the world. Lasers are able to be rigged for varying weights of sailors allowing for a broad range of competitive fleets as well as the ability for sailors to “grow” with the boat.

Significant travel for competition requiring parent support, and additional costs, should be expected, however, the degree of travel and regatta participation can vary depending on the sailors’ age and abilities.

The Colin Blandy Fund was established in 1977 by members of the Britannia Yacht Club to provide financial assistance to young BYC members who are committed to a competitive sailing program with Olympic aspirations.


Our Teams:


High Performance Optimist Race Team:

The goal of the Optimist race team is to create a new passion and develop sailors that will be enjoying the sport for the rest of their lives. The program is split in 2 - the « Championship Fleet» which includes 70 days of training from May to September for returning sailors. The other program is the « Green Fleet » which is for sailors under the age of 10 or new sailors joining the team for the first time. It includes 50 days of training from June to August. You can also bring you own boat for the year or charter one from the club. The Optimist race team is the perfect way for your child to learn to sail and race in the most popular boat in the world: The Optimist. Designed from the ground up to learn while being safe, the optimist is the perfect boat with more than hundreds of thousands of sailors sailing it worldwide. 

The program is overseen by Head Coach Hubert Pelletier, a national team level coach who has been coaching for more than 10 years, and Assistant Coach Alastair MacIntyre, an engaging teacher who will always make sure your sailors have fun.  

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 2021 race team training will operate under strict guidelines and rules. 


High Performance Laser Race Team:
The BYC High Performance Laser Race Team program focuses on training for sailing competition at a provincial and national level. Sailors from the team are often selected for their provincial sailing team or even the youth national sailing team. Sailors may also achieve multiple levels in a single season up to Can Sail 6. 
The Laser Team is overseen by Head Coach Nicolas Kim.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 2021 race team training will operate under strict guidelines and rules. 


Double-Handed Racing Team:
We are currently in the early stages of developing a Double-Handed Race Team. At this time, we are running a CANSail 5/6 program over the summer using C420s, and sailors will attend a few local and regional regattas. Spring and Fall training opportunities are subject to coach availability. CANSail 3/4 participants are provided the option to attend local regattas if they are keen. Please feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in helping us grow this program.
Schedule: See CANSail 5/6
Pricing: See CANSail 5/6


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