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Courts Rules & Policies

NEW  2019 BYC Court Handbook for Tennis and Pickleball


6.1 The use of the tennis courts is governed by courtesy, mutual consideration of other players, and pre-booking recorded on the BYC Website.

6.2 Juniors have the same court privileges as seniors.

6.3 Proper tennis attire is the dress code of the Club:

1. For women: Proper tennis shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses, warm-up outfits and sleeveless tennis tops are permissible. Tank tops are not allowed; and
2. For men: Shirts with sleeves with or without a collar, tennis shorts and warm-up outfits are permissible. Tank tops, jogging shorts, cut-off jeans and swimming trunks are not allowed.

6.4 Tennis shoes must have soles of a composition and/or colour that do not mar, scar or scuff the playing surfaces. Shoes with coloured carbon soles are not allowed.

6.5 Smoking, profane language, rowdyism and general clowning on the courts are not allowed.

6.6 Be courteous when on the courts. Do not run on to other players' courts to retrieve a ball - ask a player on the pertinent court to return the ball after they finish a point.

6.7 Mark your tennis balls in order to save arguments as to identification of your property.

6.8 Do not litter the courts with wrappings, cans, can covers and especially chewing gum. Refuse containers are provided for this purpose.

6.9 The tennis courts dry fairly quickly after rain. However, there are certain depressions where water will stay longer. Roll Drys and Carpet Drags are provided. Please push or drag the extra water off the courts before playing. Courts can be slippery if not completely dry. Please hang up Drys and Drags when finished.

6.10 Willful damage to the courts, nets, lights or any tennis facility could result in suspension of membership.

6.11 The tennis courts are for the use of Club Members. Discretion should be used in inviting guests. Guests must abide by the regulations. Guest privileges cease after three visits as stated in Section 2.2.1 of the Membership Regulations.

6.13 BYC participants in Club or NCTA tournaments must be Club Members in good standing.

6.15 If the Court Lights have been used for evening play, TURN-OFF the lights when play has finished.

Regular Tennis Activities:

a. Round-Robins – The Director facilitates/delegates Round-Robins on Sunday mornings and such other times as may be decided by the Tennis Committee;

b. Club Championships – The Director organizes and manages an annual BYC Tennis Club Championship tournament during the Month of August each year. Winners and Runners-up will be awarded Club Trophies as well as (take-home) trophies procured, engraved, and paid for from the Tennis Budget;

c. Evening Tennis – The Director organizes an instruction session ( with the Club Pro at Club expense) for members on Tuesday evenings. Other play that evening may be ad-hoc or organized into a Round-Robin depending on the number of participants;

d. NCTA Activities - The Director is the BYC representative to NCTA (The National Capital Tennis Association). When tennis members agree to field a team to compete in NCTA tournaments, the Director appoints a team Captain who is responsible for fielding the team; ensuring members are available at the times scheduled; and reporting match results to the NCTA staff. The Director is responsible for providing balls and for assuring the payment of NCTA annual dues; and

e. Winter Tennis Activities – The Director organizes a winter Round-Robin at the West Ottawa Tennis Club in January on a Sunday afternoon compatible with West Ottawa’s operation. The Round-Robins are normally followed by a dinner at BYC for which the Director delegates responsibility to other BYC Tennis members.

NOTE: The paragraphs above were extracted from a current edition of the BYC Regulation that was approved by the BYC Annual general meeting, 10 December 2008.


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